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Graphic Word Processing Software


Graphic word processing software is an application that pairs picture symbols with printed text. As the words are typed, they are automatically illustrated. These programs generally allow teachers make reading materials accessible for students who have reading difficulties. Graphic word processing software can be used to create picture stories, to adapt books and stories to create picture recipes, and to create picture schedules. Graphic word processing software also provides students with picture based writing prompts. Most of these programs can function as a talking word processor for students who do not need the picture support.

Some examples of graphic word processing software are Communicate: SymWriter (Mayer-Johnson), Clicker 7 (Cricksoft), Pix Writer and Picture It (Attainment Company) and IntelliTools Classroom Suite (Mayer-Johnson). Communicate: SymWriter provides 3,800 Picture Communication Symbols and over 4,000 black and white Rebus symbols. The symbols can appear above or below the text.

Classroom Suite not only addresses reading and writing, but also math. It includes multimedia authoring tools that can be used by the teacher to create activities or by the student to prepare a multimedia report or presentation. Teachers can create their own activities or go to the free activity exchange where over 2700 activities are available for download.

Clicker 7 is also a program that provides reading and writing support along with being a multimedia tool for students of all ability levels. Clicker 7 offers hundreds of free Clicker Grids at their website. They can be used as they are or edited.

Picture It and PixWriter (Attainment Company) are used to create picture supported reading activities. Picture It includes over 6000 Literacy Support Pictures in black and white and color. While Picture It is used to create reading activities, PixWriter is Slater Software’s writing component. It contains over 3000 Literacy Support Pictures. Both programs allow the user to import pictures.

Students who are developing reading, writing and/or communication skills can benefit from using materials created with graphic word processors


 Resource Name Web Address
Communicate: SymWriter
Clicker 7
Picture It and Pix Writer  
IntelliTools Classroom Suite