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Interactive Whiteboards


An interactive whiteboard is a device that can involve students in shared learning experiences. It is a presentation device that interfaces with the computer. Images from the computer are displayed on the whiteboard using a digital projector. The images can then be seen and manipulated by the students. The software can be controlled from the computer or the whiteboard. Notes and drawings on the whiteboard can be saved to the computer to be printed out for students. Using an interactive whiteboard is an excellent way to maximize the computer in a one computer classroom.

Some of the most widely used Whiteboards are SMART Board (Smart Technologies), Mimio Interactive, (Mimio), and ActivBoard (Promethean). While both SMART Board and ActivBoard are the interactive whiteboards themselves, Mimio Interactive is a device that attaches to any whiteboard that connects to a computer making the software applications interactive.

This technology is beneficial for a variety of students because it can accommodate different learning styles.

Visual learners can follow along as the teacher or students draw and/or write on the board, tactile learners learn from touching and writing and/or drawing or otherwise manipulating objects on the board, and students with limited fine motor skills may be able to use larger gross motor movements to manipulate objects on the board.


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Mimio Interactive




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Smart Technologies