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PDF Reading Software


Portable Document Format (PDF) allows a document created in any format to be captured and shared with anyone using any computer platform. PDF files look exactly like original documents regardless of the application used to create them. They are recognized as files ending with the extension .pdf. Many files available on the internet are provided in PDF files. In order to view PDF files on your computer, you must have a PDF reader program installed, such as free Adobe Reader.

Embedded in Adobe Reader versions 6.0 and higher is a text-to-speech component, Read Out Loud. It is accessed from the View menu. The volume, voice, pitch and reading rate are adjustable through the program preferences. Even though this free speech feedback is available, the text is not highlighted as it is read. Read Out Loud will always start reading at the top of the page or document. Although the user can pause and restart reading within the document, one cannot just click in the middle of the document and have the text read.

Students who experience difficulties reading required materials independently may better comprehend materials that are read aloud to them. Having a text reading capabilities in Adobe Reader may enable students with reading difficulties to read and comprehend material that they may not be able to read independently.


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