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Positioning Aids

Adjusting the position of books and reading materials to suit an individual student can make the content much more visible or accessible and result in improved reading skills. There are several ways to adjust the position of reading materials. Book stands can be obtained commercially or created by the teacher. The angle of commercially made book stands can be adjustable or fixed. Most book stands also provide either bands or pegs to hold the book open for hands-free use.

A variety of book stands and book holders are available commercially to make reading more accessible. Portabook (Onion Mountain Technology) is compact and lightweight. It also adjusts to hold the book at 5 different angles.

For students who have difficulty reading or copying information from the board, a page-up copy holder can hold up to 20 pages and can hold worksheets for students to read or notes/information for students to copy. These can often be obtained from school, office supply or discount stores.

Students who exhibit difficulties reading may benefit from using a slanted incline on which the book may be placed. Using a bookstand may also help some students maintain an upright position while reading.