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Text Reading Software


Text Reading software will read the text in a document or web file. The text is either typed, copied and pasted into the program or opened from the software program as a text file. The software then has the capability to read the text aloud. For example, a test or worksheet created by the teacher can be read aloud to the student or an electronic text file (eBook) can be opened through the program and read aloud. Most of these programs have features that include a selection of voice type, reading rate, font size and color, background color and highlighting features as long as the text is opened or copied in the text reading software.

ReadPlease 2003 Free (ReadPlease), NaturalReader 2007 (NaturalSoft), and WordTalk (distributed by The CALL Centre) are all free text reading software programs. ReadPlease 2003 and NaturalReader 2007 are both independent software programs. As long as the text is opened, typed, or copied in the program, the text can be highlighted as it reads aloud. WordTalk is a free add-in for Microsoft Word, versions 97 and higher, that places a toolbar into Word. It will also read and highlight the text. Word now has a Speak Selected Text option.

There are numerous commercial software programs that have text reading capabilities such as IntelliTools Classroom Suite (Mayer-Johnson), Read:OutLoud and Snap&Read (Don Johnston), Communicate: SymWriter (Mayer-Johnson), Picture It (Attainment Company), Clicker 7 (Crick Software), E-Text Reader (Premier Assistive Technology) and TextAloud ( There are other programs that not only include the talking word processing component but have additional capabilities such as advanced reading and writing aids such as SOLO (Don Johnston), Kurzweil 3000 (Kurzweil Educational Systems), WYNN (Freedom Scientific), and Read&Write (Texthelp Systems).

Students who experience difficulties reading required materials may better comprehend materials that are read aloud to them. Having a text reading software program available to access texts may enable students with reading difficulties to read and comprehend material that they may not be able to read independently.



 Free Text Reader Web Address
Read Please 2003
Natural Reader
WordTalk (for Microsoft Word)
 Commercial Software Programs with Text Reading Capabilities Web Address
Intellitools Classroom Suite 4 ( (Mayer-Johnson) 
Read: OutLoud 6 Read: OutLoud 6 and Snap&Read (Don Johnston)
Communicate: SymWriter (Mayer-Johnson)
PictureIt (was Slater Software now Attainment Company)
Clicker 7 (Crick Software)
E-Text Reader (Premier Assistive Technology)
TextAloud (
 Advanced Reading and Writing Aids Web Address
Kurzweil 3000 (Kurzweil Educational Systems)
Read, Write and Gold (TextHelp)
SOLO (Don Johnston)
WYNN (Freedom Scientific)