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Concept Webbing Applications

Concept webbing applications are software programs that allow students to brainstorm thoughts using a graphic organizer or concept/mind map computer program. These programs generally let students brainstorm their ideas and thoughts, and then organize them. Concept webbing applications allow students build from a central idea. They are often used when problem solving and decision making. Because they are created electronically it is easy to modify and make changes to the organizational structure.

Some commercially available concept webbing applications are Inspiration (Inspiration), Kidspiration (Inspiration), and Draft:Builder (Don Johnston). Inspiration’s two views, diagram and outline, provides learning in multiple modes for students in grades 6 through 12. Kidspiration is geared for students in K-5. Students can build graphic organizers with pictures, text, spoken words or a combination thereof. Draft:Builder is a webbing tool that support students with the writing process from brainstorming through the draft.

Concept webbing applications are beneficial for visual learners, students who exhibit difficulty with thought organization, memory difficulties or English Language Learners.


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