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Positioning Aids

Adjusting the incline of the writing surface may provide students with a more comfortable position in which to write and enable them to write more legibly. There are several ways to adjust the position of writing surfaces. Slant boards can be obtained commercially or created by the teacher. Commercially made slant boards can be adjustable or fixed.

There are numerous slantboards that can be used to promote better positioning for writing. Some slantboards have the capability of folding flat. Some are portable and lightweight such as the PFOT Low Profile slantboard (Pocket Full of Therapy). It has a spring clip to hold paper and non skid pads to keep it in place on the desk. The KayJae Versa-Table (TherAdapt) can be used on a table or straddled between your legs. Two large plastic knobs make it possible to easily change the height and angle. It is important to choose a slantboard that best accommodates the student’s needs.

Students who demonstrate writing difficulties may exhibit problems in holding their pencils/pens appropriately or may have fine motor weaknesses that cause them to tire after writing for a short period of time. Using a slant board or slanted incline may help some students maintain an upright position while writing. Although there are a variety of commercially available slant boards, these aids can often be made by the teacher.

To make a slant board, use a 3 - 4 inch notebook binder found at most office supply or discount stores. Clip boards with rubber bands and or binder clips can be used to further adapt teacher-made slant boards. Non-slip mats such as Dycen or shelf liner can be used to keep the slant board stationary.

Examples of Positioning Aids

 Aid Vendor
Low Profile Slantboard Pocket Full of Therapy
KayJae Versa-Table Slantboard TherAdapt
Portabook Onion Mountain Technology
Page-Up Office Supply Store
Dycem Sammons Preston Roylan


 Vendor Name Web Address
Independent Living Aids
L S & S
Onion Mountain Technology
Pocket Full of Therapy
Sammons Preston Roylan
Therapro, Inc.
Therapy Shoppe