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Standard Word Processing Software

Standard word processing software allows student to compose, edit, format, and print any written communication. Word processing software also has the ability to save documents into the computer’s memory or on CDs or flash drives. Microsoft Word is the most widely used computer word processing software. There are also other commercial word processing applications, such as Corel WordPerfect.

Microsoft Word has several built-in features that include spell checking, visual accommodations – font, background, line spacing, text-to-speech, auto-summarize, readability statistics and word count, highlight text and colored fonts, outline features, dictionary and thesaurus, and comments can be inserted into the text for notes or corrections. Many of the same features are also available in Corel WordPerfect.

There are a couple of free word processing software programs available such as OpenOffice ( and AbiWord ( These might be possible solutions for students to use at home if they do not have other word processing software.

Students who experience difficulties with the handwriting process due to poor spelling, dysgraphia or physical disabilities may benefit from using standard word processing software for some or all of their written communication. Using standard word processing software may provide those students with a means to product their written assignments in a timely manner. It should be noted that some students may need keyboarding instruction in order to become proficient in using standard word processing as writing solution.



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